The Practice of Soaking Prayer

By Nigel W. D. Mumford  

Why soaking prayer? Why do we need to soak in prayer at all? What is it? This booklet offers a guide and understanding to soaking prayer and how to enter into His rest.

The purpose of this booklet is to encourage, uplift, support, and give confidence to individuals and prayer teams to think about, pray about and perhaps offer the gift of soaking prayer.

Soaking prayer may be on a one time basis for a sick individual, or as an ongoing program offered by a church. Is it an art? Not really. It is a method and practice of entering into deeper and compassionate prayer for the diseased. It is an extended period of time set aside to allow the peace of God to wash over us. When the peace of God, that heavenly anesthetic falls upon us, we are able to place all fears and anxieties into the hands of Christ and rest in Him.

Soaking prayer also allows room for His divine miracles, such as healing of memories, emotional wounds and maladies such as cancer, arthritis, blood disorders, bone problems, heart disease, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, HIV Aids, scar tissue and more. Someone once said, “We don’t wait well. We are into microwaving. God on the other hand, is into marinating.” Soaking prayer literally allows God to soak or marinate into the wound, disease, memories or cells that need healing. (Product description)

Available at Christian Healing Ministries

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