Toxic Faith: Experiencing Healing Over Painful Spiritual Abuse

toxic faithBy Stephen Arterburn & Jack Felton  

Most of us began our journey into faith with trusting hearts. Yet incidents of abuse, media accounts of perverted religion, personal disappointments, loss, betrayal and even unrealistic expectations of God can cause us to develop a warped or damaged view of faith. Too often, what began as an authentic relationship with God deteriorates into a defective faith with an incomplete or poisoned view of God – one that allows the religion, not the relationship with God, to control our life.

Let this volume help you:

• Heal your distorted view of God as weak, distant, and uncaring.
• Find release from your striving to earn God’s love.
• Break free from an unhealthy dependency on religion.
• Learn how you can once again grow in the grace and knowledge of God.
• Learn how you can rediscover the reality of true faith in a loving God as you move beyond the suffocating limits of your own toxic faith.

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