Voices of Aging

voices of agingBy Missy Buchanan

Nationally recognized older adult advocate Missy Buchanan offers a compassionate look at the concerns of two generations—adult children and their parents—as they struggle with the fears and frustrations of aging.

Buchanan invites readers of both generations to stand in each other’s shoes through a series of 20 scenarios, presented as paired conversations with God. First she introduces the adult child’s perspective on a common situation, such as the need for the parent to give up driving or move to a more manageable living arrangement. She follows with the older adult’s feelings and concerns. Buchanan provides a scripture passage, suggestions to help both generation’s talk about and face the challenging situation, and a closing prayer.

• Prayers to help adult children and aging parents express their feelings to God
• Reflections that facilitate conversations between generations about the transitions and
emotions of aging

• Scripture that corresponds with the prayers and reflection to assist in the journey

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