Weston Priory

Weston Priory


 We welcome to our guesthouses persons who wish to share in the common prayer, the reflective atmosphere, the values, and the beauty of the surroundings of our monastery.


We are a community of Benedictine monks, founded in 1953 by our brother, the late Abbot Leo Rudloff, of Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem. Inspired by a monastic tradition reaching back to the earliest centuries of the church, and shaped by the Rule of Saint Benedict, our life together centers on prayer, manual work, and hospitality.

Above all, we hope to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ together. Seeking to be, in Brother Leo’s words, “an embassy of the Reign of God,” we hope that we will, in some measure, foster the healing and reconciliation of the whole human family.

All are welcome to visit our home, and to join us in our celebrations of common prayer each day. Our chapel, visitors’ center, and grounds afford an atmosphere in which quiet reflection and prayer are accessible to all.

The monastery is situated four miles north of the village of Weston, Vermont, at the edge of the Green Mountain National Forest.

Priory grounds

We have guest facilities for adult men and women who wish to come individually to the priory.

We also have guesthouses that provide accommodations for groups of adults, such as groups of married and single persons, members of religious communities, and clergy.

For families with children, we will be happy to provide information regarding lodging in nearby motels, guesthouses and campgrounds.

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