Why Good People Mess Up: Keys to Upright Living in a Seductive World

By John Loren Sandford  

Immorality defiles husbands, wives, children, church members, identity, reputation, respect and position in the community. John Sandford exposes unseen spiritual forces and gives practical guidelines for restoration, repair and reconciliation.

Why do even Christian leaders and faithful people fall into immorality – hurting husbands, wives, children and church members – those they love most? Why is it so easy to give into temptation, and lose identity, reputation, respect and position in the prophetic community? The truth is: nobody is immune to sexual temptation. John Sandford explains in this book – the powerful unseen forces that can drive people into adultery and other sexual sins. Practical guidelines and clear understanding provide help and hope for standing strong in the face of overwhelming compulsions, and equip with knowledge and forgiveness for restoration, reconciliation and restitution. (Publisher’s description)

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