Women Healing From Abuse: Meditations for Finding Peace

women healing from abuseBy Nicole Sotelo

Women Healing from Abuse assists Christian women who seek a holistic healing path after they have experienced abuse.

With approximately one-third of all women in the United States having experienced abuse, this book is both timely and helpful. It looks at psychological theory on trauma and healing through a Christian lens and offers women a way to heal that takes seriously the fullness of their lives – body, mind, heart and spirit. Writing in the context of the journey abused women continue to make each day, author Nicole Sotelo educates women about the psychological process of recovery from trauma to healing and presents the secular theory through a Christian lens. She has taken a unique approach in helping abused women cope with their situation through a practice of using daily prayer, reflection and meditation to assist in their continued healing. The body of the book is conveniently divided into four weeks and focuses on themes common to abuse recovery. It is intended to be user friendly, so women may use the book month after month as they continue their journey. Suggestions are included at the end of each chapter to assist the reader in continuing the theme in her daily life. Through the power of prayer and meditation, women are invited into a closer relationship with God, growing in strength and hope for the future.


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