Your Faith Has Made You Well: Jesus Heals in the New Testament

your faith has made you wellBy Barbara Hosbach

Your Faith Has Made You Well explores what happened when Jesus healed and what the gospel stories of those healing encounters mean for us in the here and now.

Jesus healing power speaks to all of us who are willing to turn to him and have our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts opened to what he offers us. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus passed the torch of his ministry on to his followers, including us. While we may not have the charism to heal others physically, all of us can cooperate with God s desire for our wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. We can use our talents and abilities to minister to others by listening, serving, or sharing our own hope and experience with the healing power of God s love. Each chapter of this book begins with the scripture account of a healing story and then takes a deeper look at what happened during the process. Chapters explore what those encounters might have felt like when viewed through the eyes of the people involved. Questions at the end of each chapter which can be used for private reflection or group discussion invite readers to identify with each story in a personal way and explore its relevance for them in the here and now. A brief prayer completes each chapter s reflection. (Product description)

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