A Prayer For Courage


Lord Christ, who in this difficult world was tempted in all things, as I am, yet fell into no sin, look pitifully, I pray you, upon me.  Guide me with your adorable wisdom.  Teach me in everything and in every hour what I ought to do.  You alone know both that I suffer and what I need.  To you, that perfect path that I should walk is known.  Show it to me and teach me how to walk it.  Keep me, O Savior, in body, mind, and spirit, for into your strong and gentle hands I commit myself.

Give me, O Lord, I beseech you, courage to pray for light and to endure the light here, where I am on this world of yours, which should reflect your beauty but which we have spoiled and exploited.  Cast your radiance on the dark places, those crimes and stupidities I like to ignore and gloss over.  Show up my pretensions, my poor little claims and achievements, my childish assumptions of importance, my mock heroism.  Take me out of the confused half-light in which I live.  Enter and irradiate every situation and every relationship.  Show me my opportunities, the raw material of love, of sacrifice, of  holiness, lying at my feet, disguised under homely appearance and only seen as it truly is, in your light.


(Evelyn Underhill)

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