A Prayer For Our Marriage

A wedding is for a day;
A marriage for a life—as God grants us enduring grace
In which to love and thrive.

You are our dwelling-place, O Lord.
Yet for this Earthly journey
You have graciously offered us love’s presence
Embodied in one another:
To be each other’s nearest neighbor,
To be companioned through the inevitable straits of life,
To hear a voice beside us in the dark,
And know the healing touch of a loving embrace.

We commit ourselves anew
To the truth of our wedding vows: that you alone
Can make two become one.

Remind us daily of the gift
That comes with every breath we take:
That unless God builds a house,
They labor in vain to construct one.

Let wisdom build its house in us
And may our decisions and our actions
Fortify its walls and add to its splendor
Now, and in all the years ahead
As you continue to bless our marriage and our love.


(Isabel Anders)

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