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  • Resting in the Heart: A Spirituality of Healing and Wholeness

    resting in the heartBy Paul A. Feider

    Resting In The Heart is a book which invites people to discover and develop a scriptural way of allowing God’s unconditional love to heal the inner and physical wounds of their lives.

    It offers its readers a gentle way of ...

  • Toxic Faith: Experiencing Healing Over Painful Spiritual Abuse

    toxic faithBy Stephen Arterburn & Jack Felton  

    Most of us began our journey into faith with trusting hearts. Yet incidents of abuse, media accounts of perverted religion, personal disappointments, loss, betrayal and even unrealistic expectations of God can cause us to develop a warped or damaged view ...

  • Pure Eyes, Clean Heart: A Couple’s Journey to Freedom from Pornography

    pure eyes, clean heartBy Jen Ferguson & Craig Ferguson

    In this candid account, Craig and Jen Ferguson share their personal story of the shame, anger, and hopelessness associated with Craig’s porn addiction. It threatened to destroy their marriage until they discovered how drawing close to Christ could lead ...

  • Great is the Mystery of Faith: Exploring Faith Through the Words of Worship

    great is the mystery of faithBy Paul Ferguson

    Liturgical texts, repeated week after week by hundreds of thousands of people, are an ideal starting-point for exploring deep matters of faith.

    Their rich theological content, their themes and their familiarity, can help us develop a more mature, informed faith ...

  • As We Forgive Those

    as we forgive thoseBy Charles F. Finck

    Charles Finck teaches us what it means to truly forgive.

    In As We Forgive Those, author Charles Finck teaches us what it means to truly forgive. We can want to forgive, intend to forgive and even say the words, “I ...

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