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  • Holy Listening: The Art of Spiritual Direction

    holy listeningBy Margaret Guenther

    Guenther uses the images of the spiritual director as host, teacher, and midwife to describe the ministry of spiritual direction today. She pays particular attention to spiritual direction for women, and addresses such down-to-earth questions as setting, time, and privacy. The ...

  • Journey Into Wholeness: Prayer for Inner Healing, an Essential Ministry of the Church

    journey into wholenessBy Alan Guile

    Drawing on forty years’ experience in this ministry, the author shows how prayer helps people to emerge from their past hurts and limitations, and gradually reclaim their real selves under the awesome power of God’s love.

    Powerful testimonies ...

  • A Touching Place: The Ministry of Healing in the Local Church

    A-Touching-Place-The-Ministry-of-Healing-in-the-Local-ChurchBy John Gunstone  

    This is a practical handbook for all local churches that are developing the ministry of healing. It explores biblical teaching on healing, healing through the sacraments, creating prayer ministry teams, training, planning and conducting healing services, accountability, boundaries and confidentiality, the ministry ...

  • Healed, Restored, Forgiven: Liturgies, Prayers and Readings for the Ministry of Healing

    healed, restored, forgivenBy John Gunstone

    This book is designed to be a devotional and liturgical resource for all involved in the ministry of healing.

    It includes prayers and readings to use on a one-to-one basis in pastoral care and liturgies for healing services whether seen as part ...

  • Prayer Portions

    prayer-portionsBy Sylvia Gunter  

    A 360-page intercessory prayer manual with sections on praise, repentance, warfare, personal devotional life, and intercession. Practical resources to use in leading groups as well as challenge and encouragement in developing a well-rounded prayer life with your Father in heaven who ...

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