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  • Blessing Your Spirit: With the Blessings of Your Father and the Names of God

    blessing-your-spiritBy Sylvia Gunter & Arthur Burk

    40 days of blessings from your Father.  21 days of blessings in the names of God.

    Blessing Your Spirit — The Blessings Of Your Father And The Names Of God is 180 pages of blessings from the heart of our ...

  • Life’s Living Toward Dying: A Theological and Medical-Ethical Study

    life's living toward deathBy Vigen Guroian

    In the past several years our culture’s long-standing prohibitions against suicide and euthanasia have been seriously challenged. A great tidal change in morality and law may be occurring as the courts seem to be creating a new right — the individual’s ...

  • Somebody, Free Me: The Food Addict’s Silent Cry

    somebody free meBy Cheryl L. Guy

    There is something very therapeutic about hearing someone else share the story of her own personal struggle. Somebody, Free Me is written from that point of view. It’s as if you are sitting in the circle of a twelve-step recovery ...

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