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  • Apples of Gold: A Six-Week Nurturing Program for Women

    apples of goldBy Betty Huizenga  

    Discover a program that takes seriously the biblical admonition for older women to mentor younger women. Learn about how to set up an Apples of Gold study group, including what personnel and funding are needed, scheduling and planning. Lessons on kindness, loving ...

  • A Cry For Justice: Overcoming anger, reject bitterness, and trust in Jesus who will fight for you

    a cry for justiceBy Shelley Hundley

    The daughter of American missionaries, Shelley Hundley was born in Colombia and grew up on the campus of a seminary that trained leaders to serve in what was one of the most violent nations in the world.

    After suffering abuse at the hands ...

  • The Healing Hand of Faith…God Is the Instant Healer

    the healing hand of faithBy Evangelist Ophelia Hunt

    At eight years old, I went to live with my grandparents in Mullins, South Carolina.

    My grandmother’s name was Rachel, and she was a woman full of love. It seemed as though God chose her to be that special, spirit-filled woman ...

  • Healing The Whole Man Handbook: Effective Prayers for Body, Soul, and Spirit

    healing the whole man handbookBy Joan Hunter

    You can walk in divine health and healing. The secrets to God’s words for healing and recovery are in this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guidebook containing powerful healing prayers that cover everything from abuse to yeast infections and everything in between.

    Truly anointed with ...

  • Handbook for Healing

    Handbook of healingBy Charles & Frances Hunter  

    Charles and Frances Hunter discovered that people had difficulty “in the field” remembering all the material that they had learned in How to Heal the Sick.

    Serving as a refresher course and including additional information to help people minister healing ...

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