Smashing through our soul’s walls The process of spiritual growth is a process of growing out of the size and shape our souls are currently in. Invariably there is in a soul fears that are fed by ancient streams, the water in which comes from memories long forgotten. There are also beliefs that we know are wrong, but still hold fast to our bank of truths.  While outwardly we may conform to the “right” of things,...

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Transformation So, at first it’s easy. Growth. Green. Life. Creation. All sorts of good things. But what happens when something you don’t want comes up in the middle of your garden? Weeds, say. Weeds come from seeds, too, you know. But forget weeds for now.  They are, after all, minor annoyances that you are meant to pull up and destroy. What about a plant that you thought would be good—a plant you committed to taking care...

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