A Maze of Mirrors It’s almost effortless today to see what my limitation is. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.) It’s the fact that I cannot see. At least not in the real world. In the unreal world, I’m an absolute wonder. But here, with my feet sticking to Mother Earth, zip.  Nada. A big, fat zero. I think it was the way that I was brought up. To be always standing outside the ring of people before me.  I...

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Everflow I walk on a trail through the woods behind where I live as often as I can.   As often as my body allows. And it is a truly wonderful thing. Because it makes my body stronger. And I’m out in the fresh air, which cheers me immensely. And I feel muscles in me working: muscles that haven’t really worked for a long, long time. I walk over a number of little wooden bridges that lift me a bit over whatever small stream...

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