For Deliverance From Evil Moods

O God, my father, who knows the thoughts and intents of my heart, deliver my life from bondage to evil moods.  Not through my own merit, but by your grace, I have put from me those outward acts that the world most quickly condemns.  Yet ever with me is the temptation to subtler sins of the spirit – to irritation, to discouragement, to self-righteousness, to self-centeredness, to forgetfulness of you.

Purge my soul, O God.  When I have seen the vision of your holiness, I cannot be content with my life as it is.  Overcome evil with good, and bring me to your presence where no evil can dwell.  Help me to overcome by your patience my fretfulness, by your joy my gloom, by your loving concern for all men my absorption in myself.  Let your Spirit cleanse me from all pettiness and pride.  Deliver me from memories of wrongs done to me and from vain regret for those I have done.  Then shall I go forward, brought low but lifted up by your mercy and grace.  I pray, O God, that in you my soul can rest, not sinless but in strength.  Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil, for yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory.


(Georgia Harkness)

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