From A Funeral Service

All you who mourn the loss of loved ones, and, at this hour, remember the sweet companionship and the cherished hopes that have passed away with them, give ear to the word of comfort spoken in the name of God.  Only the body has died and has been laid in the dust.  The spirit lives in the shelter of God’s love and mercy.  Our loved ones continue, also, in the remembrance of those to whom they were precious.  Their deeds of lovingkindness, the true and beautiful words they spoke are treasured up as incentives to conduct by which the living honor the dead.  And when we ask in our grief: Whence shall come our help and our comfort? then in the strength of faith let us answer with the psalmist: My help cometh from God.  He will not forsake us nor leave us in our grief.  Upon him we cast our burden and he will grant us strength according to the days he has apportioned to us.  All life comes from him; all souls are in his keeping.  Come, then, and in the midst of sympathizing fellow-worshipers, rise and hallow the name of God.

(The Union Prayerbook)

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