How Can I Repay You by Tychon of Zadonsk

How shall I repay your generosity, O my Lover?
How shall I repay you for all you have given me?

If I had died a thousand times for your sake,
it would be as nothing.

You are my Lord,
and I am just clay and ashes,
a worthless sinner,
who deserves to die thousands upon thousands of deaths.

How shall I thank you,
who suffered dishonor,
and death for my sake?

How shall I,
who has nothing,
reward you who gave everything?

I have ruined my own soul,
which was given by you.

And now the only merit my soul possesses
is that which you have bestowed,
in your forgiving love.

The only thing I can return to you is my prayer,
that time I devote each day
speaking and listening to you.

Receive my prayer,
as a tiny token of my enormous gratitude.


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