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  • And the Angels Were Silent: The Final Week of Jesus

    and the angels were silentBy Max Lucado  

    You can tell a lot about a person by the way he dies.

    In the last week of his life, Jesus deliberately sets his face toward Jerusalem—and certain death. This is no ordinary week. Even the angels are silent as they ...

  • Pure Eyes: A Man’s Guide to Sexual Integrity

    pure eyesBy Craig Gross & Steven Luff

    You Can Be Sexually Pure.

    When it comes to sex and sexuality, men often find themselves in a losing battle against temptation. Whether it’s overt pornography or simply oversexualized images of women, media can be a man’s worst enemy.

    This straightforward book ...

  • Sharing the Burden

    sharingtheburdenBy Christa & Dirk Lüling  

    Highly sensitive burden bearers are in danger from self-pity, burnout, resentment, lack of self-esteem, and they desperately need to learn when and how to protect themselves from the emotions their nervous systems don’t automatically screen out.

    An estimated fifth of the earth’s population ...

  • A Walk of Faith: Surviving Breast Cancer

    a walk of faithBy Peggy Crosby Luther

    “Lord Jesus, I can’t do this without you.”

    This is the essence of my life, and it became really evident to me after I heard the words, “You have cancer.” I am a Christian woman who prays. I have spent ...

  • How to Lead in Church Conflict: Healing Ungrieved Loss

    how-to-lead-in-church-conflictBy K. Brynolf Lyon & Dan P. Moseley

    The hurts of people often spill over into the life of the congregation causing conflict.The hurts of people often spill over into the life of the congregation causing conflict.

    Your chair of finance is going through a nasty divorce and ...

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