Lake Luzerne

St. Mary's Lake Luzerne, New York

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
220 Lake Avenue
Lake Luzerne, New York 12846

518 696-3030


At St. Mary’s, we believe that God still heals today! Jesus sent out his disciples to preach the kingdom and to heal the sick, (Luke 9:2) and he calls us to do the same today, (John 14:12; Mt. 19:28; James 5:14-16). Our call is to listen, love and pray for anyone seeking prayer for healing — and to let God do the rest.

St. Mary’s offers several different opportunities for you to receive prayer:

Healing Services

Healing services are held periodically. At these services, you can receive prayer from one of St. Mary’s prayer team either for yourself, or on behalf of another. See our church calendar for when the next service will be held.

Sunday Services

A Healing Prayer team is always available at the front of the church after each Sunday Service.

Individual Prayer Ministry Appointments

There are times when our hurts are so deep that more intensive prayer may needed. Inquiries about Individual Prayer Ministry appointments should be directed to Deacon Dave.

Soaking Prayer

Soaking prayer is an opportunity to receive a 1 hour ‘soaking’ of concentrated prayer in a relaxing setting. St. Mary’s has not yet set up a Soaking Prayer schedule, but please stay tuned….

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