Prayer For Christian Prisoners

Prayer For Christian Prisoners

Loving Heavenly Father, we pray for the many Christians who are being held in prisons, both at home and abroad, simply because they trust in the Lord Jesus as Savior.  Many have been falsely accused of crimes or deliberately set up to fall foul of the law simply because they are believers in your name.

Lord we pray that you would be with each one in their imprisonment.  Break any bonds of fear and bitterness; and may the love of Jesus be shown forth in their actions and attitudes, so that those with whom they have to interact, recognize that there is something very special about both them and the God they serve.

Set each one free, we pray, not only from their physical incarceration but also from their spiritual prison.  Help them to rest in the Lord Jesus, knowing that in a small part they are participating in the fellowship of his suffering.

Use each one as a witness of Jesus Christ; and may many be drawn into the Kingdom of God, simply because of the gracious love they display in their time of great difficulty.

In Jesus’s name we pray.


(Knowing Jesus)

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