Prayer For Peace And Strength

Prayer For Peace And Strength

Lord, I come to you for help.
Life is full of trials and turmoil.
Sometimes it gets the best of even the strongest of your people.
You, Lord, are the one to turn to.
I am in need of your guidance through this time.

Lord, show me the way to obtain strength to combat the trials of life.
I know your love is infinite
Because of your infinite love, peace can be obtained.
With strength and peace I can face turmoil.

With all that life has to offer
Allow me to see your will in all that I do.
Help me with your peace to help others.
Help me to see the good in everything around.
Help me to find and keep the peace
That can be obtained from your love.

With Jesus, I know I will gain strength.
His life had trials and turmoil.
Help me to learn from his sufferings.


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