Prayer For The Church

Glorious Archangel Michael, guardian and defender of the church of Jesus Christ, come to the assistance of the church in this time of need.

Guard her leaders with special care, and intercede for them that they may carry out their ministry in peace and joy.  Obtain for them the spiritual gifts necessary to be true shepherds of the flocks given to their care.

Ask God to give her priests the courage they need to meet the challenges of their vocation.  For men and women religious, ask that they be granted enthusiasm for their calling and a loving reverence for all those whom they serve in their varied ministries.

For the laity in the church, ask for the gift of fidelity to Christ and to their call to discipleship.  For those who have distanced themselves from the church, inspire them to undertake the interior journey that will lead them back to the grace of the sacraments.

For all Christians, ask for the gift of unity, and ask the Holy Spirit to inspire the hearts of all people to continue the saving work of Christ until the end of time when we will all be united in Heaven.


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