Prayers To Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel, the angel of revelation, I thank God for making you a powerful messenger to deliver divine messages.  Please help me hear what God has to say to me, so I can follow his guidance and fulfill his purposes in my life.


Prepare me to tune into what God has to say to me through his Spirit by purifying my soul so my mind will be clear and my spirit will be attentive to God’s messages.  As the angel of water, Gabriel, please help me wash sin away from life through confession and repentance on a regular basis so that sin won’t interfere with my relationship with God and I can clearly discern what God is communicating to me.  Help me get rid of unhealthy attitudes (like shame or greed) and unhealthy habits (like an addiction) that are hindering my ability to clearly hear God’s messages for me.

Purify my motives for wanting to communicate with God. May my primary goals be to get to know God better and grow closer to him, rather than to try to convince God to do what I want him to do for me. Help me be focused on the Giver rather than the gifts, trusting that when I’m in a loving relationship with God, he will naturally do what’s best for me.

Wisdom and Clarity

Clear away confusion and give me the wisdom I need to make good decisions, as well as the confidence I need to act on those decisions. There are so many good choices for me to make about what to do every day, but I have limited time and energy, so I need you, Gabriel, to guide me to what’s best: activities that will help me pursue God’s unique purposes for my life.  Clarify God’s will in every aspect of my life (from my career to my relationships with my children), so I’m not confused about the next steps I should take to respond well to God’s messages and fulfill God’s purposes for my life.

Guide Towards Solutions

Guide me toward solutions for the problems I face.  Please send fresh ideas into my mind, either through dreams when I’m asleep or through miraculous inspiration while I’m awake.  Help me understand each problem from God’s perspective after I pray about it, and show me what next steps I should take to solve it.

Effective Communications

Teach me how to communicate effectively to other people when I have something important to say to them, and to listen well when other people have something important to say to me.  Show me how to successfully build relationships of mutual understanding and respect with people, in which we can learn from each other’s stories and perspectives and work together well despite the differences between us.

Whenever the communication process has broken down in one of my relationships due to a problem such as misunderstanding or betrayal, please send me the power I need to overcome the issue and start communicating well with that person again.  Thank you, Gabriel, for all of the good news from God that you bring into people’s lives, including mine.


(Whitney Hopler)

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