Praying For The Lost

Lord God, I ask you for the salvation of people who are lost. You ask us to pray for people that do not yet know you because you love them and want them to join in and become part of the inheritance that Jesus’s death has brought mankind.

Jesus gave himself as a ransom for their sin. They no longer need to live their lives without knowledge of God.

Lord Jesus, I know you have broken the hold of sin, the world, and ignorance over these people’s hearts and minds. I speak the love and peace of God over their hearts and minds. Allow them to see the light, hope, and new life that the gospel brings them. Remove the blindness from their eyes. Lord Jesus, let your grace bring them in contact with people that will expose them to the love of Christ in such a manner that they will accept it.

Lord God, it is not your will that any should perish. I pray in accordance with your will and Word. Let your will be done in these people’s lives. Give me the strength to continue in prayer for them. Lord let your will be done. Let them come to a living knowledge of your love.

Bring them to the point of repentance from their lack of serving you. Bring them into the kingdom of your son. Let them embrace and live in the love of God free from the deception of the world.

Lord, let your compassion continue to keep these people from the destruction of evil. Let them not see death before knowing you. However long it might take, your promise never fails. Lord I commit into your hands these people who were created in your image.

They will know you before they see death, in Jesus’s name I pray.


(The Living Word Library)

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