• Awakening the Slumbering Spirit

    awakening the slumbering spiritBy John Loren & Paula Sandford

    Our Spirit is the life force within us. When awakened, it leads to the ability to live a positive, healthy life full of love, laughter and intimacy with others.

    In this book, learn how to reawaken your spirit and ...

  • Centuries of Holiness: Ancient Spirituality for a Postmodern Age

    Centuries of holinessBy Richard Valantasis  

    This book is for those who yearn for a spiritual life that has depth and intellectual challenge.

    It is a thinking person’s guide to the spiritual life written for the smart seeker who wants to be fully attuned to ...

  • Christian Healing: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide

    Christian healing

    By Mark Pearson

    Why are some people not healed? What’s the relationship between sin and sickness? Is it possible to heal memories?

    Active in healing ministry for many years, Mark Pearson offers thorough and balanced biblical teaching concerning physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in Christ. ...

  • Healing

    By Francis MacNutt  

    This new, revised, and expanded edition of MacNutt’s bestselling book Healing provides a context within which to understand healing. Covers topics including the basis of the healing ministry, kinds of healing, and the connections between sacraments and healing. MacNutt discusses new discoveries ...

  • Healing in the Spirit: Wholeness of Body, Strength of Soul

    healing in the spiritBy Jim McManus

    Father Jim McManus focuses on the rediscovery of the healing power of prayer within the medical profession and the recovery of the healing ministry within the Church.

    Healing in the Spirit, the author states, helps readers deepen their conviction in God’s healing intention ...

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