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Archangel Gabriel, the angel of revelation, I thank God for making you a powerful messenger to deliver divine messages.  Please help me hear what God has to say to me, so I can follow his guidance and fulfill his purposes in my life. Purifying Prepare me to tune into what God has to say to me through his Spirit by purifying my soul so my mind will be clear and my spirit will be attentive to God’s messages.  As the angel of...

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As we are called to see ourselves and each other as earthen vessels that hold God’s presence and bring God’s gifts to the world, so too, this very world and all that is above, around, and within it are earthen vessels — just as easily shattered, just as much in need of our loving attentiveness and support. May our hands align with God’s in caressing and shaping these.  Together we proclaim:  We, and all creation are...

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