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God is light. God is good. God is righteous. Can we really assign any adjective we want to to God? How can God be good if God created goodness in the first place? How can God be righteous if God is the very concept of righteousness? Isn’t this like writing, This tree is treeness? Well, yes it is, as a matter of fact.  But trees are treeness. But do we really need to say so? Ever? What is our need to heap adjectives on God, the...

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Peering Through As a mystic I feel as though I spend much of my time in the dark.  It is a place that shares more with worlds that exist in cartoons than with what we experience in our world every day.  There is a lot of slipping and sliding around. Silence is crucial.  Knowing how to detect something around you so that you can become still is necessary for survival. In spite of the increased challenge in finding my way around,...

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