Thanksgiving For Beauty

We thank you, our Father, for the beauty that lies about us: this Earth, lovely in springtime, with its bursting buds and the riot of color in flowering gardens; the cool relief of the first heavy shower after a parched summer; the golden fruitfulness of autumn; and the bracing cold of the winter months.

We thank you for the symphony of sight and sound in nature – deep blue skies and green, grassy lawns; moonlit nights and the first flush of dawn; the chirp of the cricket, the sweet note of the robin; the droning hum of the bees, the excited welcoming bark of a loved pet dog.

We thank you for home and friends and family and the deep content of the fireside in beloved human companionship – with the crisp, sharp cold outside.

You have given us an exquisite setting and immense capacities.  We pray that we might be increasingly worthy of this – that inspired by the unsurpassable beauty of your creation, we might strive to cultivate within ourselves a quiet and calm spirit — poise and dignity — the beauty of disciplined, orderly lives, the serenity born of devotion, the deep peace that comes only from perfect love, and of abiding faith in you.


(Satyavati Chitambar Jordan)

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