The Hierarchy Of Evil

There are three levels of evil: the absolute form, its minions, and the humans who are aligned with both.

Absolute Forms of Evil

Absolute forms of evil are beings that have its own unique soul structure.  It can be in an unseen form, or a seen form.  It can also express itself by sharing its soul structure with its followers.  

Satan, the devil, and the Antichrist all have its own form.  In addition, while all share a common purpose (to obtain soul energy), its approach is its own.  

Satan has a connected soul.  That is, its soul literally connects with those who follow it.  Imagine a mushroom, with all the little blooms above ground being actually connected with miles and miles of other mushrooms underground.  That’s Satan.  If you have seen the movie, The Exocist, you have seen Satan at work.  It comes up from underneath and seduces souls to it.  Once connected with a soul, it will fight to keep the soul as its own.  

The devil entices people to it by appealing to their vices.  It’s OK to fulfill your lust, it croons.  Hugh Hefner was the perfect manifestation of the devil.  Come.  Indulge yourself.  

The Antichrist is the legalist.  The one who will “sell” you what you say that you want in exchange for parts of your soul.  My favorite expression of this is the comedy, Bedazzled, where Peter Cook continually confounds Dudley Moore by giving him what he says he wants, all of which dissolves into illusion.  

The Antichrist will keep making deals with its victim until it has complete ownership of the victim’s soul.  

There are other absolute forms of evil in addition to these three.


Minions are the supernatural adherents to their absolute evil lords.  And like their lords, they are unique to their species, so to speak.  

Demons are the handmaidens of the devil.  Most battles people find themselves in are probably with demons.  This is because they are out there doing their best to attract people to surrender to their lusts and join with their master. 

I call the minions of the Antichrist, maggots, because they are eternally sucking off their master to get soul energy.  It is their only source.

The minions of Satan are, like its victims, attached through their souls.  


There are two expressions of humans who are attached to a form of evil.

The first are what I call, brides.  This doesn’t refer to any gender, the person can be man or woman.  I use the word, bride, because of the complete surrender this person makes to his lord.  He loves everything about his lord, and is willing to serve it in any way.  

The second are just ordinary people who have become enmeshed with evil.  Always remember that no person is “caught” by evil unwillingly.  Which is not to say that the methods of entrapping a person are always above board.  No, lies and manipulation can be used.  But the person always agrees to it.  Whatever it is.

So, for Satan, for example, there is an attraction to lonely people because there is the lure of belonging.  Being connected.  This is how gangs and cults function.  People join up, are caught in the evil, and exist from that place until they can break free. 

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