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Healing Prayer

At Christ Our Shepherd Church it is understood that Healing Prayer is a valuable part of bringing restoration of wholeness, well-being and health of mind, emotions, body and soul where there has been loss of such for any reason.

Healing Prayer is not a counseling service, nor is it considered a professional service. It is a response to scriptural encouragements to brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for one another.

All information given during a time of Healing Prayer is considered strictly confidential. It will not be discussed outside of those circumstances unless the information shared is considered harmful to that person or others, at which point pastoral counsel may be sought.

Opportunities For Healing Prayer

Altar Prayer
Following Sunday morning services individuals may come to the altar to be prayed for by someone from the Healing Prayer Team. Although this is a relatively short time it can be a most effective place of healing.

The following opportunities are available to homegroup attendees, by appointment through the church office:

Healing Prayer Service
On the third Tuesday evening each month a service is held for those asking for healing prayer. Each person is assigned to a small team of two or three prayer ministers. A prayer appointment is about 20–30 minutes. The service concludes with communion. Others may come to sit quietly and pray in the sanctuary during this time. However, they must notify the office that they plan to attend.

Private Extended Prayer
If an individual feels the need for extended ministry they may contact the office for an initial interview, after which it can be agreed between both parties that additional prayer is necessary. That individual can then meet with assigned prayer ministers (usually two) for a limit of four sessions, each between one and two hours for prayer.

Soaking Prayer
In particular circumstances, such as serious illness, it is sometimes deemed necessary to have a team of people pray for long periods. This is usually determined at the discretion of the Elders.

Prayer with the Elders
In accordance with scripture (James 5:14), the Elders are willing and available as time permits to pray with any person for whom it is considered appropriate.

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