All Saints' Church Woodbridge VA

All Saints’ Church
14851 Gideon Drive
Woodbridge, Virginia 22192

703 670-0093

Prayer and Healing Ministries

On Sunday during the Worship Service prayer is available in the following ways:

Prayer requests are printed in the bulletin on a weekly basis. They will remain there for two weeks unless a new request is made for continued prayer.

During the Prayers of the People in the worship service there will be a time for the congregation to participate aloud by lifting up either personal names or names listed in the bulletin.

People in need of prayer are always encouraged to seek prayer from prayer teams located at the back of the church during Communion.

Long-Term prayer

Long-term prayer requests will be posted in the prayer center where they will remain for two weeks. They can be renewed every two weeks by making a new prayer request. You can make a prayer request for the prayer center here.

Personal Prayer Ministry (based on Restoring the Foundations)

Are you wanting to experience spiritual breakthrough in your life? Do you sense that God wants to bring you to a new level of functioning in your life in Christ? Often this breakthrough cannot happen until we replace the old filters in our hearts and minds and go through a process of spiritual cleansing. We believe in an integrated approach to dealing with the blockages, habits, hurts and oppressions that keep us from thriving. This is an intensive process that will take several hours to pray through and requires some evaluation and transparency.

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