A Prayer For Victims Of PTSD


You have the power to transform my mind, and I receive your healing power today.  I take your Word as the absolute Truth.  You are counseling me now and looking directly into my eyes.  My eyes of faith see and receive the love that your eyes are communicating.

I hear you whisper, You, my dearest child, are the apple of my eye.  You put that sparkle there, and you are my delight.  You have wandered off in fear, but my gaze has found you.  Return to me, let me comfort and console you.  Let me part the waters of the impossible path that you tread.  Let me take you to a new place of joy once again.  I am increasing your capacity to receive my absolute Truth and my never-failing love for you.

Thank you, Father.  I will follow where you lead.  I will let your Word transform me into the person you created me to be.  Give me others who have walked this path of freedom and Godliness.  Open up your Word to me, and provide friends who will love me as I seek wholeness.

In Jesus’s name,


(Mark and Jill Herringshaw)

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