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  • Only a Miracle

    only a miracleBy Bea Hall 

    She Knew It Would Take a Miracle to Overcome Despair, the Mental and Physical Abuse

    Bea Hall tells her story of overcoming despair, loneliness, suicide, and mental and physical abuse. She shares the devastation of widowhood, abusive situations, and divorce, and ...

  • Earth Gospel: A Guide to Prayer for God’s Creation

    Earth-GospelBy Sam Hamilton-Poore

    Do something for the environment — pray for the earth.

    The icecaps are melting. The air we breathe and the water we drink are polluted. Forests are being cleared of oxygen-making trees and ecosystem-integral wildlife.

    Our daily lives impact our earth — mostly leaving negative footprints. The ...

  • Opposites Attract

    opposites attractBy Carl Hampsch  

    Husbands and wives can learn to appreciate and actually enjoy the differences that make them unique, with Jesus Christ as the foundation of their marriage.

    Can two people who are different in many ways have a successful and lasting relationship? Yes! Husbands and ...

  • GreenFaith: Mobilizing God’s People to Save the Earth

    9781426781759_finalBy Fletcher Harper

    God is calling us to live differently. The challenges we face are imminent. GreenFaith provides vision, inspiration, and practical tools to help you build your faith while inhabiting a creation that is at risk. With honesty and candor, Fletcher Harper shows that it takes belief and practice, ...

  • Gifts of Healing: Prayers for Those Who Heal the Sick

    gifts of healingBy Michael Fulljames & Michael Harper

    This is a daily prayer companion aimed at all working in the caring professions: doctors, nurses and other health care staff; social workers, counsellors, pastors and the many thousands of carers looking after someone at home. It is profoundly understanding of ...

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