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  • Men Worth Knowing: Biblical Meditations for Daily Living

    Men Worth KnowingBy J. Ellsworth Kalas

    Author J. Ellsworth Kalas believes there is much we can learn about our own walk with God from the people in the Bible. In this inspiring book he gives us meditations about sixteen men from Scripture, some of them well known, others ...

  • Grief: Contemporary Theory and the Practice of Ministry

    griefBy Melissa M. Kelley  

    The experience of grief has been a source of intrigue and curiosity throughout history, and it continues to stimulate thought and theory in various fields of study. Unfortunately, these fields tend to function in isolation from each other. The result is a substantial ...

  • Prayer and Spiritual Warfare: Spiritual Victory for the 21st Century

    prayer and spiritual warfareBy Amilliah Kenya

    Spiritual warfare is a reality that faces Christians every day.

    Their daily walk with the Lord and fight with Satan affects every aspect of their life: their personal victory, the state of their families, their interaction with the world around them, and their ...

  • Keys To Receiving Gods Miracles: Healing, Provision, Protection, Wisdom, Strength

    keys to receiving God's miraclesBy  E.W. Kenyon & Don Gossett

    We believe in miracles when we read about them in the Bible, but do we have enough faith to believe in such miracles today? In Keys to Receiving God’s Miracles, best-selling authors Kenyon and Gossett reveal principles to ...

  • Faith, Hope and Grief: Finding God’s Presence in the Midst of Crisis

    faith, hope & griefBy  Douglas Knox

    “We’re going to storm the gates of Heaven until God brings healing. He’s going to give us our miracle.”

    The faith is sincere. The expectation is real. And sometimes God honors our prayers for healing. Sometimes, but not always. Instead of healing, ...

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