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  • It’s Easy Being Green: A Guide to Serving God and Saving the Planet

    it's easy being greenBy Emma Sleeth  

    When God created the world, things were as they should be – trees and flowers everywhere, plenty of food, and clean, perfect air. But when you look out your window today, the picture is far from what God intended in the ...

  • The Art of Forgiving

    the art of forgivingBy Lewis B. Smedes  

    If you are ready to make peace with those who have hurt or betrayed you, there can be no finer road map than this thoroughly practical book.

    Lewis Smedes brings true forgiveness, “Gods own gift,” within the capacity of every ...

  • Healing Life’s Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer

    healing life's hurts - theophostic prayerBy Dr. Ed Smith

    This book was written by Dr. Ed Smith as a way of introducing people to the basic teachings of this ministry.

    It is not a “How To Do It” book, but a “What Is It” book. Many churches use ...

  • The Subjective Eye: Essays in Culture, Religion, and Gender in Honor of Margaret R. Miles

    The subjective eyeBy Richard Valantasis (Ed.), Deborah Haynes & James Smith  

    One of the great joys of the academic life is to pay homage in a Festschrift to a scholar who has influenced both colleagues and students over years of interaction and friendship both professional and personal.

    This ...

  • Facing Forgiveness: A Catholic’s Guide to Letting Go of Anger and Welcoming Reconciliation

    facing forgivenessBy Loughlan Sofield, Carroll Juliano, & Gregory Aymond

    Out of the wealth of their shared experience, authors Sofield, Juliano, and Aymond have fashioned an inviting exploration of the process of forgiveness that blends compelling personal narrative, wise spiritual guidance, and sound practical suggestions. Written with Catholics in mind, ...

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