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  • Awakening the Slumbering Spirit

    awakening the slumbering spiritBy John Loren & Paula Sandford

    Our Spirit is the life force within us. When awakened, it leads to the ability to live a positive, healthy life full of love, laughter and intimacy with others.

    In this book, learn how to reawaken your ...

  • Choosing Forgiveness

    choosing forgiveness

    By John Loren & Paula Sandford

    Forgiveness gives us keys to healing our wounds, trauma and offenses, leading toward a lifestyle of peace, love and wholeness. Includes a devotional guide.

    Originally published in 1996, Choosing Forgiveness unveils a lifestyle of forgiveness that frees ...

  • Deliverance and Inner Healing

    deliverance and inner healing

    By John Loren Sandford & Mark Sandford

    John Loren and Mark Sandford address deep and difficult theological issues in their discussion of Deliverance and Inner Healing. Making clear distinctions between the field of deliverance from demons, and inner healing of spiritual wounds, ...

  • Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse: How to Counsel and Minister to Hearts Wounded by Abuse

    healing victims of sexual abuseBy Paula Sanford  

    Sexual abuse victimizes everyone – the abused, families, loved ones, and even the abuser. This book offers love, acceptance and healing to those traumatized by sexual abuse, leading them to new paths of hope, healing and wholeness.

    Very ...

  • Listening and Caring Skills

    Listening and caring skillsBy John Savage

    The secret to leadership and transformation of a group–or of another person–is the quality of the relationship one person has with another. The effective group leader or counselor will be the person who learns how to listen to other ...

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