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  • Healing the Earth…a time for change

    healing the earth

    By John & Mark Sandford

    John and Mark Sandford introduce ancient Biblical perspectives to properly relate to animals, plants, and the Earth itself. Corporate mental strongholds must be corrected in repentance in order to heal the land from mankind’s sin. In Healing the Earth. ...

  • Letting Go of Your Past

    Letting go of your pastBy: John Loren & Paula Sandford

    Parental inversion, individuation, identity, calling, gender, sexual wholeness, healthy relationships, boundaries, and contributing effectively to society are discussed by John and Paula Sandford in this Transformation Series book.

    Letting Go of Your Past – book three ...

  • Life Transformed

    life transformedBy John Loren & R. Loren Sandford

    John Loren and R. Loren Sandford write how to transform lives through healing distorted thinking in our hearts and minds that is often passed down through the generations within cultures. Discipline and encouragement through fellowship are keys.

    Originally ...

  • Restoring The Christian Family: A Biblical Guide to Love, Marriage, and Parenting in a Changing World

    restoring the christian familyBy John Loren & Paula Sandford

    Gender roles of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and healthy relationship within the Christian family are keys to functionality. John and Paula Sandford give Biblical foundations for moms, dads, singles, divorcees and widows.

    In Restoring the Christian Family, ...

  • The Elijah Task

    the elijah taskBy John & Paul Sandford  

    John and Paula Sandford have biblically substantiated the prophetic office for today in this pioneering work. No longer controversial in the mainstream Spirit Led church, these foundations continue to serve as guideposts for scripturally sound practices in ...

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