DAY ELEVEN: Prayer For Refugees From Syria

O Jesus,
I pray for those who wander far from their homeland and live the lives of migrants.

They are our brothers and sisters,
refugees who flee from violence,
families on the road because of poverty.
None of them know where to arrive.
All of them need your help!

You know them.
For you yourself experienced the hard days of exile
together with Mary and Joseph.

Our migrant sisters and brothers need your light
to uncover the empty promises that frequently attract them.
They need your church to remind them of their obligations,
often forgotten in their daily sufferings.
They need your help
to ennoble and to confirm them as Christians in their work.

Heart of Jesus, bless the migrants,
and fill their lives
with the love of God from whom all good things come.

Defend them from danger.
Make strong their faith
to seek happiness not only in this world, but also for eternal life.
As pilgrims, as the church itself,
may they reach the Heavenly city and be with you forever.


(Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo (Scalabrinians) Mexico)

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