DAY TWENTY: Prayer For Aid Workers Around The World

Lord, I was a pile of ash,
And you made me a light for the world

I was a stone
And you made me salt for the earth
I was as lifeless as clay
And you made me part of the Body of Christ
I was sinful
And you made me holy
I was nothing
And you made me part of everything

Lord, in you I am transformed
And transformed still again
When the discouraged cry for hope, make me hope
When the hungry cry for bread, make me bread
When the thirsty cry for water, make me water
When the suffering cry for help, make me help
When the sick cry for healing, make me healing
When the bound cry for freedom, make me freedom
When the outcasts cry for love, make me love
Lord who is hope,
who is bread and water,
who is help and healing,
who is freedom,
and who is love,
Transform me anew,
and so keep me close to you,
as you transform the world.


(Edward O’Neill Hoyt, Catholic Relief Service)

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