Prayer Of Mourning For Victims Of Abortion

Almighty Father,

we come today to this place dedicated to the memory of those precious unborn babies whose lives were cut short because our nation failed to recognize their value and to protect them.

We thank you for the beautiful words Our Lord Jesus spoke in His Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” And so we do mourn the loss of so many unborn lives. And yet we find comfort in your love and compassion and in our conviction that Jesus loves the little children.

We pray that these victims of society’s callous policy of expediency are now safe in your loving arms, and that they know that we love them, and mourn that they never had the opportunity to show the world who they are.

Lord, we know that at this very moment, in abortion clinics all over America, precious unborn babies are in danger of a horrendous death. We pray in fervent hope that someone will intercede for these little ones to spare their lives. But in the event their mothers choose abortion, we pray that you, as Father of all, will take these little ones to your bosom.

Lord, we pray for our nation, that with Your grace and the tireless work of those of us who value each and every human life, the United States will reject abortion and become a county that appreciates and welcomes every child, no matter the circumstances of his conception.

We pray for the mothers of these babies buried here [or memorialized here] that they come to recognize the tragedy of the choices they made and to turn to you for forgiveness and healing.

We pray for the fathers of these babies that they mourn the loss of their fatherhood and the duty they had to protect their children, and that they turn to you and ask for forgiveness for their failure.

We pray for the doctors, nurses and clinic staff involved in the death of these babies, that they turn away from the abortion industry and open their hearts to learn compassion for the innocent unborn victims of abortion.

On this day, Lord, more than forty years after the sad day that Roe v. Wade legalized the killing of unborn babies, we ask You to give us renewed energy and hope that our nation will once again know a day when all life is sacred and protected in law.

We ask all these things in the name of your Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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