A Prayer To Forgive God

Come Close, Lord,

and hear my prayer as I come with great hesitation seeking reconciliation with you, my God.  I find that my lips will hardly form these words, and yet, if I am honest, I know that at times there has been hidden in my heart a resentment toward you, my God.  The reason, Lord, is that from the start you have shaped my world, formed my body, gifted my mind, and placed me within my family.  I have held you responsible when these seemed unjust and, though afraid, have often wanted to raise my fist to you.  This, Lord God, is one of those times.

Be patient with me, Divine Master, because from the spot where I stand, I can see only a small part of this universe.  My vision is confined to a limited today, to a few yesterdays.  I cannot grasp the full sweep of your divine plan, of which my life is a tiny but important part.

I know in my heart of hearts that you love me without limit and that you desire only that which is good and wholesome for me.  With that knowledge, I can embrace, without understanding it all, what you have decreed for me from all time.  I embrace my body, my family, my place in history, and even this present situation for which I can see no simple resolution.

Lord God, please accept my pardon and embrace me with your divine affection.  Smile upon my simple efforts to serve and praise you even as I sometimes stumble through my life.

Thank you, my Lord and my Friend, for your patience and your gracious acceptance of my forgiveness.  May we live together forever.


(Edward Hays)

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