Forgive Me, Father


why is the thing I need the most, the thing I do the least?  Why am I so busy I do not have time?  You must have many frustrated days when your eyes roam to and fro throughout the Earth in search of someone whose heart is completely yours.  You must weep often when you seek for a man or woman to stand in the gap to fill the breech and find no one.  Your heart must ache at times for me, one of your people, to rise up and be what you have called me to be.

I humble myself before your throne and ask you to forgive me for my lack of prayer.  And forgive me as a leader, Lord, who has not told your people the truth.  Forgive us as a church — the body of Christ — for allowing evil to rule in this land when you have more than more than enough power in our wombs to change it.

Forgive me, for it is not your fault that I have a generation marked, X.  It is not your will that I kill the next generation before it takes its first breath.  It is not your plan that I still have not overcome the principality of hatred that divides this church.

Forgive me, lord.  Cleanse me now and break the curses I have allowed to rule over me.  Forgive me and cleanse me from the sin of apathy, complacency, ignorance, and unbelief.  Wash me with the water of your word.  Break off of me this lethargic prayerlessness that I justify a thousand different ways.  It really boils down to disobedience, unbelief, and sin.

Father, please forgive me and deliver me.  Set me free from being a hearer of the word only, and not a doer.  Give me a home and a church that are founded on the rock of obedience to your word.  Rise up in your people with the stubborn tenacity that Jesus had, that the early church walked in.  Cause me to cast off everything that would oppose your Spirit and move me into a realm that pays a price and lays hold of the kingdom of God.

Fill me with your Spirit.  Baptize me in fire.  Let there be an impartation of the Spirit of Grace and Supplication.  Let there be an anointing that comes from your throne to hungry people who are tired of status quo, of mediocrity, of death and destruction.  I am tired of it, God.  I am tired of being defeated by a defeated enemy.  I am tired of being held back from my destiny, both individually and as a church.   I am tired of lack and disease.  I am tired of sin.  I am hungry for something — the God of the Bible.


(C. Peter Wagner)

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