Miracles In Healing Prayer

Miracles can happen during healing prayer.  Healing is not necessarily a product of a miracle, but it can be.  

A miracle is a very specific phenomenon in the realm of God. 

The first thing to know are the elements of prayer.

They are:

  • God
  • the pray-er
  • time

We will work with the mechanics of prayer in another post. 

But, for now, let’s say that a person is praying in a functional way.  This means that God hears the prayer and that it is a prayer that he can respond to.

So we have a prayer that is being worked on, is being applied, is being used for healing.

God answers prayers.  Not always in ways that we wish, or even in ways that we recognize.  But God answers prayers. 

Time is not an element of God.  Time came into creation with creation.  And, in fact, it has more than one expression in our world. 

So, in order to have your prayer answered you need these three things.  Working together.  At the same time.

We often wonder what happened to our prayers.  It could be that we are not praying a “real” prayer.  Or that it’s not the time for it yet.  Or that God is answering it in his own way that is mystifying us.

When I began to study the mechanics of prayer, I used to think of each of these three elements as a cog, each with a tooth missing.  The three cogs are put on a pipe and spun.  A prayer is answered when the three missing cog-teeth line up.  After spinning around.  

Which makes it sound kind of random, but the more I study the nature of life, the more I realize how subtle things can happen in our lives.

Which is to say that we can come to a resolution of a prayer and the timing and the nature of the answer makes sense to us.

So, there we go: the three basic elements of prayer.

I define a miracle as a stepping out of time to achieve an outcome.

A miracle is a time when, dealing with a prayer, it is just you and God in the mix.

It’s not about waiting for the answer.  Checking your watch.  Checking off the days on a calendar.

Time is not an element of this prayer.

Just you.  Just God.

How do we get to that state?

Well, I’ve been taught how to do it, but I imagine my way will not be your way.  The best thing to do, if you want to try this, is to pray to God to reveal to you the method you can use to get to a point of creating a miracle on Earth.

But I will warn you: Creating a miracle, literally stepping out of time, is very hard on the body. 

Our bodies are solidly in time.  Our souls, our thoughts, our emotions are not.  So connecting with God directly through our soul is logical.  

Our bodies will protest, though.  They prefer things to be meted out within the framework of time.  It’s gentler.

How do you know that you have performed a miracle?  Well, the results are absolute.  And they are right before you.  

You pray for a healing, and there it is.

No question about it. 

So, there you go.  

This doesn’t really explain miracles, the mystery of them.  But it does give you a little worksheet that you can put to very good use. 

Have at it.

But leave yourself time to recover if you do manage it one day.

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