The Illusion Of Illness

Do you believe that healing can just happen like it does in the Bible when Jesus touches someone and his brokenness has been made whole?

Well, do you?

Or does it feel like a nice dream to think about, and perhaps nod about now and then when it’s mentioned?

And, yet, healing happens every second of the day.  In your house.  At your job.  Even at your church.

Watching your child’s sore stop bleeding, scab over, and ultimately disappear forever (leaving behind perhaps a little memory of the accident) doesn’t take your breath away.  It barely takes your attention, except for the bandaging and the kissing of the boo-boo.

But that is healing.  Right there, before your very eyes.

So we believe that healing can happen.

But just ordinary healing, right?

Nothing special.

And even if special does happen now and again, that’s just luck.  Or whatever.


We believe in our bodies as they are.

Or even as they were given to us by our parents.

I have asthma because everyone in my family on my mother’s side has it.

But it doesn’t have to be asthma.

It could be that we believe in our cancer because my father….

Or high blood pressure.

Or whatever.

So we think we are who we think we are.

And that’s it.

Except it’s not.

We are more like Mr. Potato Head, whose parts can be moved about at our will, than the Brooklyn Bridge, with all its parts put in place so that they will stay in place.

When someone who has multiple personalities has his different personalities observed one thing that is most shocking is how different the physical characteristics of the various personalities can be.  One personality may have an allergy to milk, while the others do not.  One personality may suffer a limp or short-sightedness, and share these traits with none of the others.

This variableness in the same person’s one body gives us a glimpse into the way our minds control what we think is the reality of our body.

As a mystic, I can go on extended vision quests.  I call these extended visions, flight.  One of my flights lasted for a few years. 

Which meant that I had to continue my ordinary life all the while keeping track of the flashings and rumblings in my soul.

During this particular flight, because whenever I went out to do my “work,” I had to carry light.  Which meant just my keys and my license.  That’s it.  And the license could stay in the car when I was in church, or wherever.  Nothing but my keys.

So, remarkably, my far-sighted, astigmatic eyes became normal.  I didn’t need my glasses to see the words of the hymns I was singing.  Or to read.

This went on for the whole two years.  So I thought that God had healed my eyes.

But, no.  In time, my eyes faded back to being really good with distances, but not so good with things close-up.

This taught me that a body can be changed in an instant from one condition to the next.

So we have people with multiple personalities changing their body reality somehow.

And we have mystics (or at least one) who has experienced an extended, unexplained change in her body that lasted for a few years.

So I will now bring up some healing prayer ministers who are alive now and who have been successful though healing prayer in changing a person’s DNA.  His genetic structure. 

That diabetes that he thought was his because it was passed down through generations is erased because the bondage of shared genetic disorders has been broken.  The curse has literally been lifted and the person freed.

As healing prayer ministers, we can move mountains with our prayers.


And we need to know this to our very bones.

What we see before us is as real as a reflection in a pool of water.

We can reach out our hand, swish it in the water before us, and the image will change.

And so it is with a person’s body. 

Body’s can change.

On their own.

Through the ministration of a doctor.

As a result of prayer.

Or even by the grace of God.

In terms of bodies, we are limited by nothing except our own ignorance and inexperience.

We have to learn how to see the illusion of illness that is before us and find the path on which we can lead the seeker to wholeness.

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