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You are not alone when you sit down with someone to pray for him.

Not by a long shot.

You have a vast multitude of spirits behind you.


Which is not to say that you do not have provide certain very real things when you enter a Christian healing prayer session.

There is willingness, openness, patience, stillness, and, most of all, love.

These are all on you.

It is your responsibility to listen to what is being said, and to what is not being said, and to follow it the best you can.  Once an agreement has been reached between you and the one you are serving, it is then your responsibility to pray for that person.

And to wait to see what happens during and after the prayer.

But this is the subject of another lesson.

Today it’s about where you can turn when you hit a wall.

Or trip over a crack in the prayer.

Or fall flat on your face with the realization that you really had no clue as to what was really going on, and now it feels like you’ve poked a hornet’s nest.

When anything occurs that gives you pause, that’s the time to pause.

To stop.

And be still.

And listen for assistance that may come to you.

No matter what, you can always say silently to yourself, or openly to whomever is with you, a summons to that aspect of God that is personally involved with the healing process: Come, Holy Spirit.

That’s all you have to say.

And then wait.

And see what comes to you.

If the situation is becoming sincerely painful for the person you are praying for, and it seems that the pain is too much for her to bear, gently ease a request to Jesus Christ to come and provide solace.  To soothe the troubled waters.

Jesus can also be counted on to be companion to your pray-ee when he appears to be in desperate need of a friend.

In addition, you can invoke Jesus to provide a shield for someone who seems to be under spiritual attack.  In this case, I strongly advise referring the person to the observance of the Divine Mercy of Jesus.  It is the picture of Jesus with a three-colored light emitting from his heart.  There are little pictures that you can purchase and keep with you and give to the one who is in need.  The Divine Mercy Chaplet is a prayer that can be prayed to a rosary.

Best of all this chaplet can be sung.  One version of this sung prayer is at the bottom of this writing.

When you are alone you can still pray both for the one you have been working with and also for answers to questions that were raised in the session.

Ask God the Father for clarification.  It may take a bit of time to learn how to listen to the Father, as “enigmatic” may very well be his middle name.  But be patient with yourself and understanding will come.

Both angels and saints offer volumes of aid in myriad ways.  Study both the angels and the saints and learn where their assistance can be applied.  Start to practice praying to them, either using direct prayers or novenas prayed on rosaries.  Some even have their own form of prayer beads with its own prayer.

An example is Archangel Michael, who is The Warrior of God.  This means that you can use him to cut anything binding the person you are praying for, whether it be Satan himself, or addiction, or an attachment to someone who is hurting her.

Different angels can be prayed for for different things.  And if you study the novenas written to each saint you will quickly see how many things for which any individual saint can be prayed to.

Heaven literally offers a magnificent field of flowers that you can gather to bring close to your heart to inspire and heal you, as well as others.

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