The Ground Of Healing

There are a few fundamentals about Christian healing prayer that have to be both established and accepted as fact.  Otherwise, healing prayer becomes something like a fairy tale or wishful thinking.

So I guess this is the first fact: Christian healing prayer is real.  It is, itself, a fact.

But how can this be?  Really.  We live on Earth.  We get up in the morning.  Our stomachs ache.  That’s just life.

Isn’t it?

Well, yes.  And, no.

So let’s begin with some facts about the fact of healing prayer.

First, we are creations of God the Father.

As Christians, we know this.  Or we accept it.  Or we try to accept it.

But the creative nature of God is part of the ground that we stand on when we reach out to heal another person.  Or even ourselves.


Let’s look at that concept.

God creates.

A baby is conceived.  He is created.

But God can also recreate.  He can take what exists and change it.  He can return a broken body to its former state.  Or even bring it someplace altogether new.

That is how healing prayer can happen.

We can work with a person, find the paths we need to go down with that person so we can find the key to the door that the person is searching for, and finding what needs to be prayed for, we can petition God for this person’s renewal.

This is how Christian healing prayer works: we work with a person, we pray for the person, God responds to our prayers, and the person is recreated.  Made new.


And that is a very important fact to hold on to.

It is the fundamental truth of our work.

So God creates.  And God recreates.

And God uncreates.

This can be through death.  But it can also appear in healing.

A part of us that has grown the wrong way can be brought back down to nothing, which frees us to grow in a way that graces us with a healthier life.

So let us make the concept of recreation our framework through which we see healing.

In general, we don’t discuss God and his “parts.”  So to speak.

We can talk about the parts of a car engine.

We can understand intricate recipes for gourmet dishes.

We can build machines that fly to the moon.

But we don’t take any time or energy to really understand where we are in the realm of God.

Take a look around you as you go about your day.

See how many things are being recreated.

People going to the doctor.

Buildings being repaired.

Errors in accounts being resolved.

We live in the world where creation, recreation, and uncreation are going on all the time.

We “get” creation.  We “get” uncreation.

So now it’s time that we bring into focus that aspect of God that allows us to free someone’s body of cancer.  Or bring a peaceful resolution to a grief from long ago.

It’s who we are actually.


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