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Healing Prayer

At Christ Our Shepherd Church it is understood that Healing Prayer is a valuable part of bringing restoration of wholeness, well-being and health of mind, emotions, body and soul where there has been loss of such for any reason.

Healing Prayer is not a counseling service, nor is it considered a professional service. It is a response to scriptural encouragements to brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for one another.

All information given during a time of Healing Prayer is considered strictly confidential. It will not be discussed outside of those circumstances unless the information shared is considered harmful to that person or others, at which point pastoral counsel may be sought.

All contacts should be made through the Church Office.

Opportunities For Healing Prayer

Altar Prayer
Following Sunday morning services individuals may come to the altar to be prayed for by someone from the Healing Prayer Team. Although this is a relatively short time it can be a most effective place of healing.

The following opportunities are available to homegroup attendees, by appointment through the church office:

Healing Prayer Service
On the last Tuesday evening each month a service is held for those asking for healing prayer. Each person is assigned to a small team of two or three prayer ministers. A prayer appointment is about 20-30 minutes. The service concludes with communion. Others may come to sit quietly and pray in the sanctuary during this time. However, they must notify the office that they plan to attend.

Private Extended Prayer
If an individual feels the need for extended ministry they may contact the office for an initial interview, after which it can be agreed between both parties that additional prayer is necessary. That individual can then meet with assigned prayer ministers (usually two) for a limit of four sessions, each between one and two hours for prayer.

Soaking Prayer
In particular circumstances, such as serious illness, it is sometimes deemed necessary to have a team of people pray for long periods. This is usually determined at the discretion of the Elders.

Prayer with the Elders
In accordance with scripture (James 5:14), the Elders are willing and available as time permits to pray with any person for whom it is considered appropriate.

Four Different Kinds Of Healing Shown In Scripture

1. Spiritual Healing: The greatest healing of the soul is salvation. Other spiritual healing will take place as we grow in the Lord and as we pray for each other. (Jn. 3:16, 10:10)

2. Physical Healing: Although we recognize that we do not always experience the physical healing we often desire, we do understand from scripture that we are to always ask for it and many times experience it. (Ps. 103:3; Is. 53:4-5)

3. Emotional or Inner Healing: We may need healing because of a hidden hurt done to us by others or by circumstances. This kind of healing comes only from the Lord. (Ps. 34:4, 18; Is. 61:2)

4. Deliverance: Spiritual deliverance can be understood in the broadest of terms, including the lifting of oppression and the breaking of bondage, as well as relief from the influence of demonic forces. (2Cor. 10:4-5; 1Jn 4:4)

Healing Prayer Training

Ongoing healing prayer training is offered. Please call the office for further information.


Washington Fellowship Community
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Healing Prayer Ministry 

The Healing Prayer Ministry at Washington Community Fellowship invites you to times of prayer.

Prayer is available for all, even if you do not currently think of WCF as your church home.

On the first and third Sundays of each month, the Healing Prayer Team is available to pray with you in the sanctuary and in the narthex during communion and after the service at the front pew.

Healing prayer is offered whether you want prayer for emotional, physical, or spiritual healing, or prayer for personal or relational concerns. You may feel you have a need but have difficulty putting your finger on it or expressing it in words. Please do not let that difficulty stop you from receiving prayer. The Lord is our intercessor and healer.

There are two other opportunities for individual prayer with the healing prayer team. The first opportunity is by appointment at a pre-determined time and location for one or more times. Please call to request prayer. The other time is during our periodic healing prayer or taize services.

Key things we believe about healing prayer: 

Healing is an ordinary, not extraordinary, aspect of Christian life. Because we all suffer in our bodies, minds and spirits, healing prayer can be an encouragement, an aid and support for all believers at any time.

Healing comes from God.

What to expect when you come for prayer: 

The team will typically ask if you would like to be anointed with oil and if hands may be laid on you. You are welcome to accept or refuse either offer.

When you come to the healing prayer team, do not feel compelled to divulge private information. You are free to reveal only what you want to share, what is on your heart or just come for prayer.

If you do not express a particular need or concern, the team will offer a simple blessing drawn from the Book of Common Prayer without further comment.

You are always welcome to times of prayer, whether you have been present for every opportunity in the past or have never come before. Please take time to share in God’s blessing.

All concerns and needs shared with the healing prayer teams will be held in appropriate confidence.



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